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15 Responses to “Guestbook”

  • Hi Trina! You have a website at last! Pictures look great even the one of the 100% longrange (bred at larksmoor) even though the name is spelt wrong haha!!! Did’nt we have a lovely time the day we went to Crufts…. the broken SatNav, broken camera, the incontinent dog, no sleep ( not me!!) lost handbag and the runaway dog! We still managed to get placed! Here’s to next year. Best of luck and continued success!!!

    Your Partner in crime!

  • Best of luck with website

  • hi Cathrina,
    It’s nice to see your new website. Very beautifull.
    Lovely dogs. Best of luck for the future, and hope to see you soon again. It was nice talking at Crufts.

    kind regards,

  • Damo:

    Hi Trina
    Well done on getting the website up and running. The rest of us had better do something now. Thanks for a lovely trip to Crufts and all the crack that was had with ye two mad things. Best of luck in the show ring this year. I hope your new puppy works out! (or I,ll never live it down). Congrats again!

  • Good websight,lovely dogs , was nice to meet up with you at crufts , sounds as though you had some fun on your trip , good luck . Margo

  • Gerry Deignan:

    Hi Trina, I love the new Website – it looks brilliant!! Best of luck with it.

    Your favourite Son-in-Law

  • Pamela:

    Hey Trina,

    Well done – the web-site is fantastic !
    Good luck with it !

  • Hi Cathrine
    Love your website – beautiful dogs and a very easy site to navigate, well done! Good to see you at Crufts – still waiting for the drink though!! Maybe next year. Good luck for a successful 2010 n look forward to seeing the 3 Musketeers at Crufts 2011.

  • Valerie:

    Hi Catriona,

    Love the new website, it’s really impressive. The dogs all look fab. Can never get enough of looking at shelties!!!

    Very best of luck for 2010.

    Best wishes


  • Cathy Mcguinness:

    Hi Catrina
    Love your website. Your pictures are fantastic. the best of luck with it.
    Cathy {Jimeds}

  • Mark Dunne:

    Hi Mam
    Love the website, it turned out really good!! i hope you can manage it now which im sure you can
    Love your son Mark xxx

  • Lone:

    Love the website. The blue background colour is a perfect match to your lovely blue dogs.
    Great pictures, and interesting to read about you,
    Well come back from time to time, to look at the updates

    Best of luck for 2010

  • elspet parker:

    hi catrina
    at last got you on your web
    fab web to get round and nice story of how it began you are much the same as us from a pet to show ring
    well hope your sucess continues and will look on site to how you are going,beautifull dogs and a credit to you keep going gal
    great to see you and norah and damium sad he did not make the drink
    you sound as though yo had fun lost bag run away dog sat nav went bang did you get your crossing ok or did you miss that
    our memories of sweden all over again
    you are fab crowd and nice to meet your other friend

  • David Fitzsimons:

    What a lovely site. and lots of photos of all your beautiful shelties. Best of luck for the future.

  • Manders:

    Hi Tri,

    Wow site looks great!! Don’t the dogs look so cute. That Puppy is gorgeous.
    Helgi looking well – I will show him to Simba and Mufasa :-) x