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Our Home

Welcome to my website. I hope you enjoy your look around and the Longrange Shelties you will find here.
I have owned and shown Shelties for about 20 years. I live in the picturesque Dublin mountains with my family and a small select show kennel of Shelties. Our dogs are very much part of our family. I have been known over the years for showing and breeding blue merles, a colour I am very passionate about and insist on the colour being just that….blue. I also have a few tri colours and until recently never sables but have bred my first show sable “Longrange Scarlet O’Hara.” 

Cathrina and a couple to Longrange Shelties

Cathrina and the latest Longrange stars!

I started in Shelties by buying a dog for my young daughter 20 years ago as a pet. I had always been interested in showing so we went to a few shows and after winning a few classes but nothing else decided to get something better. I bought a tri bitch, Sevenoaks Cassini, who didn’t make it in the show ring but when put to a lovely blue dog, Crevan Carbon Copy, produced three blue dogs and my first Champion Longrange Blue For You. Sam was a fabulous dog and he was the one I cut my teeth on. Not only was he my first Champion but he won 2 groups and he was the breed record holder for many years. I went on from there using stud dogs in the UK and more recently a Lundecocks dog from Sweden who come to us on loan for a few months and gained his Irish title while he was here. Having been well and truly bitten by the show bug I am still showing and breeding 20 years later. I never tire of reading about the breed and puring over pedigrees and I devour every sheltie book that comes out.

There have been many special moments showing dogs but a few spring to mind straight away:-

  • the day I made up my first Champion, Longrange Blue For You, under Joan Walsh.
  • the day I won my first Group under Joe Kirk, also with Sam
  • the day I won the CC and Best in Show with Shelley in Northern Ireland under the renowned Irene Beaden.

Over the years I have won 95 Green Stars, 8 Groups and have made up 6 Champions. I have had the Top Sheltie in the Breed four times and Top Bitch twice. At the moment I am showing 2 bitches who are on their way to their titles so I am keeping my fingers crossed.

I have made many great friends in dogs both here and abroad and have had a lot of advice and encouragement from them over the years. Showing dogs is a great hobby but it’s all consuming, challenging and costly. However the rewards are great, not financially but in the great days out you have at shows, winning of course, and the après shows!! Many a glass of wine was drank in celebration after the show whether you win or not!

The Dublin Mountains as seen from our home

The Dublin Mountains as seen from our home

I hope you enjoy my website and please feel free to contact me if you have any question regarding my dogs or Shelties in general.

Cathrina Dunne